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Donations to Assist Distribution

Donations to Assist Distribution

Donations - Your Loving Help is Appreciated

Getting Jesus' message - “The Truth Will Set You Free”  into the hands of people who want to hear the Truth is our fervent desire.

Our objective is to share the printed books, just imagine soon to number 800 to people globally, free of charge allowing you to choose your title/s, simply download and email to your local photocopy shop.

To this end any donations are gratefully accepted and go directly to funding the creation of "The Truth Will Set You Free" booklets. 

In the interests of transparency, below you will find our annual Divine Truth Publishing accounts from the beginning in Dec 2012 to now which explains the balance between donations received and expenditure in publishing the books and administering the publishing activity. 

Thank You for joining with us to make this all possible,

Raj & Suzanne

If you would like to join with us and make a contribution here are the account details:

    Direct Debit:  for Australians

    Account name: Roger S. Miles & Suzanne A.Stallard
    ANZ Branch BSB 014-125
    Account No 4513-27328
    Your Name:
    Comment:  support for Divine Truth Publishing

    Visa or MasterCard for Australian and Intenational

    By contacting us personally: Raj or Suzanne Int: +61 7 4169 0301 or Australia 07 4169 0301
    By email: - please don't send your card details by email initially.

 You can also send funds via Pay Pal to


Yr: Dec 2012 - June 30 2013

Donations received                         $2,797.33


Consumables : paper, ink                             0
Out of house printing                         2902.50       
Website setup, markets                                0
Machine maintenance                                   0
Admin: post, ph, eftpos, power etc.,      190.37

TOTAL                                               3092.87


Yr:  July 1 2013 - June 30 2014

Donations received                          $3,039.29

Consumables : paper, ink                     769.52
Out of house printing                           150.00
Photocopier  maintenance,                  1228.10

New equipment, software                   1013.98
Admin: post, ph, eftpos, power etc.,      211.05
TOTAL                                               3382.65


Yr: July 1 2014 - June 30 2015  

Donations received                         $4085.37

Consumables : paper, ink                      1500.31
Out of house printing                             72.00        
Website maint,                                     48.64
Machine maintenance,                          594.76
Admin: post, ph, eftpos, power etc.,       530.40
TOTAL                                              2746.11

TOTAL BOOKS DISTRIBUTED               1283

                           Yr: July 1 2015 - June 30 2016