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Ordering Your Books

Ordering Your Books

About the books - In order to make the books easy to carry and read, the format is similar to paperback size - A5. The cover is coloured, text in black, books are stapled.  Pages vary 35 – 60 depending on information.

Where information exceeds 60 pages we have created two or more books shown as Part 1, Part 2 or more.  If you order a particular title for a seminar we will send you the complete book.

If you would like to be advised on new titles being added for print please email us your address - see directory under Contact Us and we'll place you on the mailing list and advise you as the new books are available.

There is no copyright attached to these books, you are welcome to share them with your friends. These books may be reproduced, copied and distributed. If you enjoyed this book, please let us know and discover other works by the author.

Listed below are some of the categories under which the titles are listed.

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August 2016


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God's Laws                                                                                      

An Introduction                                                               

Law Governing Love of Others                                                  

Law Governing Love of Self                                                        

Law of Attraction Part 1 & Part 2                                                             

Law Of Cause and Effect Part 1 & Part 2                                                                

Human Relationships                                                           

The World's Definition Of Love S1                                                            

World's Definition Of Love S2 Part 1/2                                                        

The World's Definition Of Love S3                                                            


Abortion - P1 & P2                                                          

David Milikon Introduction To Jesus & Mary                                                       

Intro To Jesus & Mary's Life & Purpose Geoff Whitehead                                             

Jesus First Century Life Denny Johnson S 1 

God's Attributes & Qualities - Part 1 & Part 2                                          

Humility - S1                                                      

Humility - S2                                                      

Humility - S3                                                      

Humility - S4                                                      

Humility - S5                                                      

How the Human Soul Functions Part 1/2/3                                              

The Real Life and Purpose of Jesus         


Frequently Asked Questions            -

coming soon                                     


Relationship With God                                                        

Emotional Blockages Towards God                                                         

Faith Part 1 & Part 2                                                       

Eternal Benefits Part 1 & Part 2                                                 

Faith and Prayer Part 1 & Part 2                                                             

Getting To Know God                                                   

Humility P1,P2                                                  

Introduction To Prayer Part 1 & Part 2                                                    

Longing (Praying) For Divine Love P1 & P2                                                            

Qualities Of Divine Truth Part 1 & Part 2                                                 

The Way Part 1 & Part 2                                                

Why We Resist God                                                       

Putting it all Together Session 1 P1                                                          

Putting it all Together Session 2 P1                                                          

Putting it all Together Session 2 P2                                                          

Understanding Your Emotional Self Session 1 - Part 1 & 2                              

Understanding Your Emotional Self Session 2 - Part 1 & 2                              

The World's Definition of God Part 1 &  2              


Spirit Life                                                         

The Sleep State Part 1 & 2                                                           

What Happens When You Die Session 1 & 2                                                        

Assisting Spirits                


Spirit Relationships                                                   

Coping With Spirit Influence Session 2 - Part 1 & Part 2                                   

Coping With Spirit Influence Session 1 - Part 1 & Part 2                                   

Positively Responding To Spirit Influence Part 1 & Part 2                                               

The Loving Use of Mediumship Part 1 & Part 2   


The Human Soul                                                       

Addictions, Bribery, Fear, Threats & Blackmail P 1 & P2                                  

Anger Is Your Guide Session 1 - Part 1 Part 2                                                       

Anger Is Your Guide Session 2 - Part 1 Part 2                                                       

Denial Of The Soul                                                          

Denial and Addictions                                                   

Emotions, Truth & Judgement                                                  

Emotions and the Mother Taboo                                                             

Ethics & Morality Part 1 Part 2                                                    

Logic, Emotions & Truth Part 1 Part 2                                                      

Passionately Desiring Positive Change Part 1 & 2                                                               

Processing Addictions Part 1 & Part 2                                                     

Sexual Attraction - Part 1                                                             

Sexual Attraction - Part 2                                                             

The Facade Self Part 1 & Part 2                                                  

The Soulmate Relationship - P1 & P2 & P3                                                            

The Power of the Soul - P1 & P2                                                               

The Human Soul - Pseudo Spirituality Part 1 Part 2                                                           

The Human Soul - The Three Selves                                                        

The Gift of Free Will Part 1 & 2                                                  

What is Your Treasure Part 1 & 2              


The Truth About …….                                                           


Repentance and Forgiveness                                                    

Spirit Influence                                                

Spirits & Reincarnation                                                 

The Human Soul                                                              

Reincarnation and Spirits                                                             

Emotional Clearing                                                         

Burning Desire For God                                                                

Creating Loving Eco-Systems     



Love Has Power Over Evil - P1 P2 P3                                                       

Sincerity or Hypocrisy                                                    

Mediumship With Mary - Repentance & Forgiveness                                                     

Mediumship With Mary - Spiritual Influence                                                       

Secrets Of The Universe - Day 1 Part 1 & 2                                                           

Secrets Of The Universe - Day 2 Part 1 & 2                                                           

Solomon - Divine Love, Faith and Prayer                                                               

The Great Experiment                  



God's Laws - Law of Compensation                                                         

International Translations - Titles                                                       

Croation  -

C-The Truth About The Human Soul                                                       

C - The Truth About God                              


Spanish - The Truth About God                                                               

S - The Truth About the Human Soul                                                      

S - The Truth About Spirit Influence                                                        

S - The Truth About Reincarnation and Spirits                                                     

S - The Truth About Repentance and Forgiveness


French - The Truth About God                 

F - The Truth About the Human Soul                                                      

F - The Truth About Repentance and Forgiveness                                                            

F- The Truth About Reincarnation and Spirits                                                      

F - Secrets of the Universe P 1 & 2                                                           

F - Relationship With God - The Way P 1 & 2


German - The Truth About God                              


Swedish - The Truth About God                                                              

S - The Truth About the Human Soul      


Dutch  –-

D - Secrets Of The Universe Part 1-4                                                       

D - The Truth About God                                                             

D - Repentance and Forgiveness                                                              

D- The Truth About the Human Soul       


Taiwanese - The Truth About God                        


By Luli Faber                                                  

Heal Your Physical Pain                                                 

Heal Your Emotional Pain Part 1 & Part 2               


Mediumship with Mary on Spirit Influence Mediumship with Mary on Repentance and Forgiveness Divine Law, Forgveness, and Repentance Lessons In Love - Love Has Power Over Evil - P1 S1 Lessons In Love - Love Has Power Over Evil - three part series Love In Action - Sincerity or Hypocrisy Mediumship With Mary - Repentance & Forgiveness Overview Of Divine Truth - Secrets Of The Universe - S1 Overview Of Divine Truth - Secrets Of The Universe - S2

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Jesus Identity S01Q01 - S01Q23

God's Laws

God's Laws - An Introduction Gods Laws - Law Governing Love of Others God's Laws - Law Governing Love of Self God's Laws - Law Of Attraction God's Laws - Law Of Cause and Effect

Human Relationships

Human Relationship - The World's Definition of Love Parts 1-3 Human Relationships - The World's Definition Of Love S1 Human Relationships - The World's Definition Of Love S2 Human Relationships - The World's Definition Of Love S3


Interview - Real Life Purpose of Jesus Interview -  Jesus’ 1st Century Life Interview - How the Human Soul Functions Part 1-2 Interview - Abortion - S1 Interview - Abortion - S2 Interview - David Milikon Interview - God's Attributes & Qualities - S1 Interview - God's Attributes & Qualities - S2 Interview - Humility - S1 Interview - Humility - S2

Relationship with God

Relationship with God – Why We Resist God Relationship with God – Putting it all Together Relationship With God - Emotional Blockages Towards God Relationship With God - Faith Relationship With God - Getting To Know God Relationship With God - Humility Relationship With God - Introduction To Prayer Relationship With God - Longing (Praying) For Divine Love Relationship With God - Longing (Praying) For Divine Truth Relationship With God - Qualities Of Divine Truth

Spirit Life

Spirit Relationships - The Loving Use of Mediumship Part 1 – 2 Spirit Relationships - Positively Responding to Spirit Influence  Part 1 & 2 Spirit Life - The Sleep State Spirit Life - What Happens When You Die S1 Spirit Relationships - Coping With Spirit Influence Spirit Relationships - Positively Responding To Spirit Influence S1

The Human Soul

Human Soul - Processing Addictions Human Soul - Gift of Free Will The Human Soul - Pseudo Spirituality Human Soul - Denial and Addictions Human Soul - Soulmate Relationships Human Soul - What is My Treasure? Part 1 & 2 The Human Soul – the Three Selves The Human Soul - Power of the Soul Part 1-2 The Human Soul – Passionately Desiring Positive Change The Human Soul - Addictions, Bribery, Fear, Threats & Blackmail

The Truth About...

Creating Loving Ecosystems Emotional Clearing Facing Personal truth The Truth About - God The Truth About - Repentance and Forgiveness The Truth About - Spirit Influence The Truth About - Spirits & Reincarnation The Truth About - The Human Soul