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"God created you with the capacity and ability to feel everything that's happened to you in the past, no matter how traumatic and how bad it's been" 
Jesus Relationship With God - "Putting it all together"


Update – September 2016    

It was only recently that our library proudly offered 125 books based on the teachings and sharing of Jesus and Mary through their video recordings (all available on YouTube Divine Truth Channel).
Now we are delighted to advise that due to recent administrative changes in filming, and uploading to a massive new server structure and streamlining of transcription services that the library is expected to grow to accommodate some 800 books in the next 12 - 18 months.  Many of these titles are already in video format and available, the books will be on their way shortly.
We'll keep you advised through this page or if you would like to know when certain talks are available for Self Print just email us: to go on our email update list.

Update – September 2014   

Just to let you know that since the inception of publishing Jesus’ messages transcribed from the video recordings in late 2012, over 2,500 books have been printed and circulated.

We are pleased to be able to offer the following new titles - books of Jesus teachings.  They will be on the website for you to order shortly or you can contact us direct to place an order. 


New Titles: Available September 2014 :

Gods Laws - Law Governing Love of Others
God's Laws - Law Governing Love of Self
God's Laws - Law Of Attraction Part 1 & Part 2
God's Laws - Divine Law
God's Laws - Divine Law
Relationship With God - Emotional Blockages Towards God
Relationship With God - Faith Part 1 & Part 2
Relationship With God - Eternal Benefits
Relationship With God - Faith and Prayer Parts 1,2,3
The Human Soul  - Anger Is Your Guide Part 1 Part 2
The Human Soul - Denial Of The Soul
The Human Soul - Emotions, Truth & Judgement
The Human Soul - Emotions and the Mother Taboo

Books of selected titles are now also available, carefully translated in French, German, Swedish, Spanish and Croatian.

We are starting on the FAQ subjects of “Divine Truth”, “Spirits”, “Human Soul”, and the “Bible”. These should be available in book form for you by end of October.


The two 8 day Assistance Groups held in July and August have created a wealth of educational material surrounding Change, the Façade, Desire, Challenging Addictions, Forgiveness and Repentance and much more.  Available at this time are Jesus’ Outline Notes and .pdf docoument of each workshop session.  Highly recommended for downloading …...  Books based on the recordings of the days sharings should be available by end of year.

Love and Blessings,   Raj


Update – March 2014

 New Titles: Available March 2014

The Human Soul - What is my Treasure
The Human Soul - Power of the Soul Part 1-2
The Human Soul - Processing Addictions
The Human Soul - Passionately Desiring Change
The Human soul – the Three Selves
The Human Soul - Gift of Free Will
The Human Soul - Denial and Addictions
The Human Soul - Soulmate Relationships
The Human Soul - Pseudo Spirituality
Interview - Real Life Purpose of Jesus
Interview -  Jesus’ 1st Century Life
Interview - How the Human Soul Functions Parts 1-2
Human Relationship - The World's Definition of Love Parts 1-3
Spirit Relationships - The Loving Use of Mediumship Part 1 – 2
Spirit Relationships - Positively Responding to Spirit Influence Part 1 & 2
Relationship with God – Putting it all Together
Relationship with God – Why We Resist God
Mediumship with Mary - Spirit Influence
Mediumship with Mary - Repentance, Forgiveness

Love and Blessings,   Raj



One Year On
March 2014 //

As has so often happened in my life and probably yours too, it really was a bit like magic unfolding as only spirit can when everything (my desire) is in alignment.  In my desire to 'get Jesus/AJ message out last year I started going to the local Saturday markets with a stand - indeed in this area to challenge myself with our local Christian community's somewhat rigid beliefs vs the truth that is in Jesus/AJ's message.  In all honesty I don't why I did it - its cold up here in South Burnett at 4am when you have to get up in order to be at the markets by 6am.  Setting up in the dark with a flashlight was a bit bizarre and then only having a smattering of critics, skeptics, curiosity types and the odd genuine child who showed a real interest in someone talking about a relationship with God.

The Universe let this go on for about five months - until the last market and when I decided enough was enough the true purpose was revealed, or maybe the Universe decided that I had done enough.  To offer some information on the stand I had been printing booklets at the local printers for about $4 each - from a funding perspective it was perhaps good not many were taken away.

That last market - in Kingaroy, only one lady came to the stand - she was a Divine Truth person and shared that a friend had a fast big photocopier on loan from his company in his lounge and would probably print the booklets for me much cheaper if not for only the cost of the paper.  Enthusiastically, I made contact and the net result was that the photocoper company for whom he worked offered to donate a 'trade in' printer to support our spiritual non profit endeavors!  Within 6 weeks reconditioned and polished and complete with some spare parts, this GIFT was brought to our house from Bendigo and installed in a special area - our own DT print shop.

So was that what the 5 months market exercise was all about?  Well, thats is my take on the outcome and after all, it does make for a good story.

Now as you will have seen at this time we have some 80+ books available with new ones being added weekly.  Contributions from orders and from people who just wanted to help have made all this possible and I want to acknowledge them.

Thank you all for trusting me to get this up and running and for those who order books thank you for your support in getting Jesus & Mary's message into the world.  We never know where these books will end up or into whose hands they will fall.  God will see to it that they are nor wasted.

My Christmas Present
December 21, 2013 //

Hi there,  it’s time and for me Santa has already been!

The wonderful list of books of Divine Truth from AJ Miller aka Jesus is up and running.

Not only are the books all listed on the website allowing anyone to select and order their books, but the printer – a FujiXerox booklet production machine that was gifted to us from the FujiXerox company is aligned through wi-fi to the computer with the files containing the transcripts taken directly from the 500-600 hours of video material recorded on the day.

Furthermore as the new transcripts are made available, I receive them and add them to the 76 books already listed.

A Real Benefit:  In the text of all the books you will discover at the end of paragraphs the time shown.  This relates to the video recording timing of that particular seminar.  This means that you can read and watch, cross reference, refer back to previous comments or just pick highlights in the book that you want to watch in-depth in the video recordings.

So for me – thank you Santa, or rather to AJ for the original massive undertaking to provide this material – The Truth to us and to Our Father Mother God for the Gift of Aj/Jesus again at this time.

Please order away – and lets test drive this new Divine Truth project  together and see how it flows…

Blessings from Wondai Qld. Australia

Almost There
November 3, 2013 //

While here in Canada with our grandchildren the opportunity is presented to complete the new book Library files for the DTP site.  It is our intention to have the site fully operational with 70 plus books available for on demand ordering by end of this month. You might like to check out the Library options in a couple of weeks – from 15th November onwards.

October 25, 2013 //

I feel  very humble – to be at the receiving end of so many people’s hard work and effort, undertaking the task of transcribing Jesus and Mary’s talks and seminar sessions over the past few years.

Thousands of hours have been committed firstly by the video teams present at every public session capturing every word and teaching shared, by the transcribing teams who watch the videos and bringing the word forward through the stages of seven edits ensuring that nothing is missed, in printed form so that many can read online, through ebooks and through the books already now in production and being mailed worldwide – extending the circle of those inspired to seek Divine Love and Divine Truth.Not only in English, as word spreads translation teams are busy around the world in Spanish, German, French, Polish and many other languages.

In particular, we would like to express our appreciation: To Igor and Lena who single-handed film every one of Jesus and Mary’s teachings, then master the creation of the videos that form the library of nearly one thousand hours of YouTube presentations.  To Barbara McNair who manages the teams and the transcribing process, and to Luli Faber who creates the covers and makes the the teachings able to be converted into uploads for ebooks in Smashwords,

Collectively, some thirty five dedicated people, all volunteers who give freely of their time that allow us the ability to fulfill our desire – to create books – 150 titles that are somewhere in the pipeline and which in the near future will be available in published form.

What a blessing, Thank you so much.

Getting There

September 16, 2013 //

A dream, a thread of a desire, intention….and so Divine Truth Publications moves slowly into reality.  A library of the teachings of Jesus and Mary as never before.  A thousand hours of video recordings all transposed into documents and made available in small informative books.

Imagine a library that offers a growing selection of titles “on demand” publications, this means we print to your order, post directly to you anywhere in the world.  And while we do ask you to cover the cost of postage, we offer all books free of charge.
To provide and expand this service donations are most appreciated.

We do trust that our service will up and running within the next couple of weeks.

Please look for us at

Thank you for the opportunity to play this exciting role in bringing Jesus and Mary’s messages in the printed word.

Introduction to Divine Truth
July 29, 2013 //

I can assure the reader that everything I have written about in this book is true...............

“In the first century, I discovered the “Way” to receive Truth from the Source of all Truth, the Creator. This “Way” was created by God, and only needed someone to “discover” it through the exercise of their own will. I am Jesus of Nazareth.”

Sometime back we asked AJ – Jesus for the opportunity to create an “Introduction to Divine Truth”, one that could be used extensively to give an overview of our potential to know God, about God’s Laws and and the Universal structure in which we live.  He agreed and suggested we go off and create our own.  Several weeks past, we discovered many excerpts from the seminar transcripts that we felt were relevant and that people would want to know and spark a desire to open ”Pandora’s box”.  By edit 4 we decided to show AJ and get his view of what we had selected.  AJ politely asked us if we minded if he took over the project writing his own story surrounding the aspects we had highlighted, in the first person.  And it is underway.

We have the draft sample from the first chapters – you can email me - for this to be sent to you.  We’ll advise as soon as printing can commence of the finished version.

Jesus & Mary’s Interview of Solomon’s Message in the Pagett Book
July 29, 2013 //

I can really recommend this book ......

“I come only to say that very soon I desire to write you another message conveying to you some great truth of the Father. I will not write more now but will soon come.” And then Padgett asked, “What is the greatest thing in all the world?” “
Prayer and faith on the part of mortals, and love, the Divine Love, on the part of God. The latter is waiting and the former causes it to enter into the souls of men. No other truths are so great and momentous to men. Let what I say sink deep into your memory and try the experiment. I know you do try, but try, and then try and never cease trying.
Love will come to you and with it faith, and then knowledge and then ownership. I could write for a long time yet I must not as you are tired.
So with my love and blessings I will say goodnight and may the Father’s Love take possession of you."
Your brother in Christ Solomon."

If you would like to receive a copy please email me  – and I will post it out to you

The Prayer
June 6, 2013 //

In harmony with the attention and focus being given to The Prayer and the subject of Faith we have created cards which will be included with each of the Divine Truth booklets in the future.  The cards which have the prayer on one side and website details on the other are stand alone to be offered to friends who would like have the prayer and /or those wanting address of the website for further exploration.

Anyone wanting cards to share with friends can receive them by contacting  As many as you want - they are freely available.

30/05/13 Keeping In Touch
May 29, 2013 //

Just an update…..

In the beginning was the Word…. and so we embarked on a booklet project to create a concise and simple “Introduction to Divine Truth”.

Work proceeded with, I should add some trepidation, on the “Introduction to Divine Truth”.  

The first draft (edit 4b for us to have got to this stage) was  discussed with AJ and Mary who have asked us to refresh and expand certain sections.What we are discovering of course, is that every time we open a section on a specific subject seeking to create understanding we find ourselves with another example of  ‘Pandora’s box’.

Realising that we are in an expanding Universe is one thing, attempting to capture the depth of God’s Truth that is being made available to us is another.  A ‘planned’ simple booklet of 33 pages (to minimise print costs) must have Celestial spirits rolling in the aisles!

Notwithstanding, the opportunity we have created for ourselves by attempting this project has so much personal value and bringing us more and more detailed information on Divine Truth.

Reviewing the project as far as we journeyed brought awareness to Jesus that rather than us attempting to assemble information from his talks and seminars it would be infinitely preferable were he to write the book himself in the first person.  Jesus of Nazareth did not do this last time around but this time he is.

And so the first seven pages and index have materialised.  They are available, albeit they form the  draft copy, for you to see and enjoy.  We know they are remarkable and will be the ultimate “Introduction to Divine Truth”.

Thank you Jesus for removing this burden.

Heal Your Own Pain
March 28, 2013 //

Luli's book coverLast evening I attended a presentation regarding this subject of healing yourself.  No gimmicks, straight talking from someone who knows about medicine, pharmaceuticals and drugs and most important the effect of these aspects on our healing of physical disfunctions.
 Unfortunately as most of us realise treating the effect – ie the symptom sounds great in but in practice just doesn’t work. The problem lies deep inside- we are all different and we all have different emotions that are the true cause of our pain – the source.  
Fixing this takes a new perspective but if we are serious about making change we will have to look at this and if we are smart take action….I truly recommend the book that covers the entire topic.  
You can contact me for a copy – or just go online and download for yourself.

Heal Your Own Pain – free ebook
I’m excited to tell you all about a new book by our friend Luli.
It outlines a programme designed to assist people to heal their physical pain. It includes the reasons why we manifest pain in the body in the first place and provides tools and exercises to assist anyone in physical pain.
You can read more about the book and find it as a free download here.I’m excited to tell you all about a new book by our friend Luli.
It outlines a programme designed to assist people to heal their physical pain. It includes the reasons why we manifest pain in the body in the first place and provides tools and exercises to assist anyone in physical pain.
You can read more about the book and find it as a free download here.


Create your own “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE’ books
March 17, 2013 //

 In the Library you will discover the selection of the Teachings of Jesus presented in several forms – options allowing you to:

        to print in booklet form your own home computer and printer
        email specific files on pertinent subjects direct to friends
        send via email to your local print shop to publish your own copies
        request printed booklets to be mailed to you
        download in document form and read online at your leisure

Choose whichever method you feel will serve you best.

New Beginnings – desire and passion
March 16, 2013 //

Have you noticed how beautiful desire starts inside of us – often like a seed planted by some farmer, it opens deep in the fertile ground of our mind – or is it resonating with something buried deep in our soul perhaps?  whatever this little seed as it starts to germinates, it fidgets, stretches and slowly comes to the surface of the mind – seldom is it an explosion, but a gentle penetration into consciousness. Suddenly one day we wake and find ourselves motivated by a passion.

And so it is with the my desire to see the teachings of Jesus and Mary come into print – into a form offering something tangible to hold, something  to glance at, to reference, to contemplate and most importantly to share with friends.

I wasn’t looking for a another version of the bible, not a big ‘tome’, just something that costs a little (less than $3 each) to produce which allows us to produce a large number, simple booklets, convenient to carry, to pass to friends, attractive to leave around for the curious, something that felt good to hold and easy to read.

The booklets are all direct translations of the recorded
video messages of Jesus and Mary.  We have chosen six titles initially as the foundation of the Library and more will come as time and funds permit – there are already 80 titles waiting.

So the seed of this desire sown in October 2012 has already produced its first crop.  Our first print run was 25 copies of the initial batch, followed by 100 copies of eight booklets.  Distribution is underway.

I would love to be joined by others who like me feel an awakening in their soul to spread the word.  Whether you are motivated to assist with distribution or through donating to assist with production your participation is most welcome……

Contact me anytime if you would like to be involved –

Love and Blessings,