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Dear Friends,
We are really excited to be able to offer this service for those who have a desire to learn and share  the concepts surrounding a Relationship with God and the teachings of Jesus.

These books make for easy anytime reading and best of all makes the material available whenever we have a few minutes for reflection and contemplation and want to stay connected through the teachings.

We are in no doubt that these teachings offered through this Library are the purest and most succinct truths that you will ever receive and we heartily endorse them to you - Enjoy....



You have entered the SELF PRINT library section for the current selection of Jesus' key messages to the world presented in a series of A5 books - a convenient paperback size that can be easily passed along to friends. These books make for easy handling and reading whenever we have a few minutes for and want to stay connected through the teachings.

The Self Print option is available on the Divine truth website presented in a form allowing you to print from your own computer or, for multiple copies in book form by emailing direct or taking to a print shop.  You can have these folded into convenient book format and stapled ready to share with your friends - inexpensive and simple from your nearest photocopy shop. 

Please note that we completely encourage your extension of these messages, when all all transcribed soon in 2016/17 to number 800 titles for you to choose from. 

“The Truth Will Set You Free”

The following .pdf book files allow you to:
a) Print on your own computer...or
b) Email the file direct to a print shop for production…or
c) Email the file to friends …or
d) Read the document online.

Any difficulties or to contact us - please email your request to 

Titles available:

For those new to Divine Truth we recommend the series – “The Truth About….” as ideal for those wanting an introduction to Jesus and Mary and the cornerstones of the Divine Truth philosophy.

The Truth about God
The Truth about Reincarnation and Spirit
The Truth about the Human Soul
The Truth about Repentance and Forgiveness
Overview of Divine Truth - Secrets of the Universe
1) Part One of Day One 
2) Part Two of Day One

Relationship with God - "The Way"
1) Part One
2) Part Two

A Burning Desire for God
A letter to various people discussing the need to generate
from within one’s own emotions a burning desire for God
Written by Jesus 22nd Feb 2006

Qualities of Truth & Facing Personal Truth
A series of three postings on the Divine Love forum intended
to help readers come to see the Qualities of Divine Truth in
order to help them determine what is truth in their own lives
Written by Jesus 10th June 2005 plus….
A letter to various people  discussing the need to take personal
emotional responsibility and face the truth emotionally within
oneself if one truly desires at-onement with God.
Written by Jesus 27th August 2006 –

Emotional Clearing
A letter to various people discussing the process of emotional
clearing while one is progressing towards at-onement with God
Written By Jesus (as AJ) on 10th June 2005

The Prayer for Divine Love
A collection of letters to various people answering questions regarding the Prayer For Divine Love as contained within the Padgett Messages, and how this prayer indicates that emotional processing work will be essential for the person wishing to progress in soul development with Divine Love.
Written by Jesus on 10th October 2005